A short English excursus

Hari just said I'm the best Au Pair.emotionemotionemotionemotion

I told him he's the best boy an Au Pair can imagine


It's just so good to hear something like that from him. It doesn't matter what he exactly says, it's just special and remarkable for him to show affection in such a direct way. Above all he ate his dinner today without any complaints - and it was cooked by me emotion He got an extra chocolate for pudding emotion


Charlotte, Maren and me are mostly writing in English, exam preparation. This whole exam thing made me, although quite tired, writing even this blog entry in English, I suppose.


Probably we are going to see the King's Speech (Yay, 4 oscars) again this week and in addition to that we're planning to go to the Lake district.


That's it.


Good night, sleep tight emotion





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